This workshop is aimed at highlighting the core policies of CAPS which, if honoured, equip pupils with the necessary skills to approach their learning. ErlyBirds adopts the premise that if pupils are required “to be able to use critical and creative thinking” as prescribed by the curriculum (DBE, 2012:4), it implies that teachers are expected to specifically teach these skills to their pupils. The workshop focuses on introducing these concepts through active participation, where teachers collaborate on lesson-ideas for incorporating creativity into the classroom while utilising the new CPS brainstorming tools.

Creative Problem Solving Tools in action!

The Professional Learning Community (PLC) focus allows for intrinsic learning and reflection on the teacher’s own pedagogy. CPS (Creative Problem Solving) aims to grow a diversity of teaching styles – considering creative and practical learning preferences while creating an understanding of Sternberg’s: Analytical, Creative and Practical Intelligences. New skills and knowledge are applied by the participants in a supportive environment.

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ErlyBirds is SACE accredited (SACE Provider No. PR13410) and all workshops offer 15 points.