ErlyBirds empower teachers to fully grasp the essential requirements of CAPS, whilst coordinating the school’s curriculum plan to better suit the unique needs of the pupils at each school.

We invite teachers at schools to take responsibility for the pupils within their care and provide meaningful 21st Century education in the classroom. ErlyBirds would like the opportunity to utilize their years of teaching experience and research, laced with global theories of intelligence and new tools, to transform your school and classroom. ErlyBirds are inspired to implement the South African curriculum in its fullness, embedding creative and critical thinking skills into the prescribed content. We are motivated to shift a teacher’s habitus from a traditional teaching pedagogy to one where learners are actively involved in constructing their own learning. Creative and critical thinking ignites a learner’s curiosity, encouraging open debate and discussion, allowing for creative, divergent idea-finding and critical, convergent fact-finding.