We need YOU to send us high quality assessment tasks to share with other teachers in a ‘teachers-pay-teachers’ type concept.

CAPS suggests that it is important to “assess what learners understand and not only what they can memorise”….and that teachers should …”assess skills in context as much as possible”.

ErlyBirds envision the sharing of high quality assessment tasks that reflect the manner in which we are teaching and in which the pupils are learning.
Please contact ErlyBirds if you are interested in submitting assessment tasks. We will reply explaining how the process works in more detail.

ASKING HOT QUESTIONS….ErlyBirds offers a practical workshop informed by the DBE and Bloom’s Taxonomy aimed at assisting teachers to design well-balanced, interesting and effective assessments. If we wish to teach and assess in a manner that compliments the different learning styles of learners, we need to blend Sternberg’s CREATIVE, PRACTICAL and ANALYTICAL intelligences into our every day lessons.

ErlyBirds creates a space for teachers to experiment with Bloom’s levels of questioning while employing Sternberg’s different intelligence and learning styles in creating their assessment tasks.