ErlyBirds facilitate a constructive collaboration between all stakeholders to allow for exciting planning and engaging teaching. These sessions provide a wonderful opportunity to create connections across the curriculum through finding common themes enabling pupils to really explore the topic at a much deeper and more meaningful level. ErlyBirds workshop with the teachers to seamlessly blend new, exciting CPS and other tools with the prescribed content.

Initially, we use the CPS process to clarify the curriculum requirements then ideate on the specific content to include some of CPS’s divergent thinking tools. We assist you to develop a revised plan for your subject and empower you to include creative and critical thinking into your lessons.

With many years of classroom-based experience in multiple grades and with more than ten years of experience teaching thinking skills for enrichment, ErlyBirds also have a wealth of knowledge and use all of this as a framework for generating new and exciting lessons. Our deep passion for Robert Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory will assist you in purposely accommodating creative and practical learning materials and skills into your planning.

Allow ErlyBirds to steer your lesson planning in a different, innovative direction that makes learning fun, engaging and collaborative for all. “Change is difficult, but not to change is fatal.” (Coulther, 2017)