Engaging and developing the next generation of creative thinkers and innovators.

ErlyBirds are inspired to change the face of South African education to teach in a manner that better suits all learning styles and 21 century needs. During 2019, ErlyBirds began a mission that has driven us to blend creative and critical thinking skills into the curriculum at as many Cape Town schools as possible. BUT, we
realise that we are only scratching the surface.
IT IS OUR VISION to offer our workshops to a wider South African audience and especially to under-resourced schools. We are happy to offer discounted prices to worthy applicants but we fear that many schools would still require further sponsorship.
If our vision to disrupt the face of education is to materialise, ErlyBirds would need to train a team of like-minded teachers to help us roll out our dream of a curriculum infused with practical, analytical and creative thinking skills (Sternberg’s Triarchic
Theory of Intelligence
). To this end, we would need to facilitate the process of training and introducing inspired and motivated teachers to the Creative Problem-Solving process, tools and dispositions.
Both of these dreams- to offer our courses to under-resourced schools and to train coaches in our creative and critical thinking pedagogy – would require sponsorship.
Sponsorship, however big or small, would empower ErlyBirds to facilitate essential change in the outdated approach to learning in South Africa.
Local and foreign individuals, governments and private enterprises, please contact us via email if you are interested to hear more about our ‘educational dreams and big ideas’. Click through our website to see the excellent work that we are already accomplishing in schools. We value ideas, advice, suggestions and obviously financial contributions to deliver our vision of engaging and developing the next generation of creative thinkers and innovators.