Time is a teacher’s number one limitation. Many teachers are excited to swap their traditional teaching practice for a more creative and critical approach, but where do you find the time? You don’t!! You call ErlyBirds. They offer two hours sessions of ‘double trouble’ (Robyn and Helen together are a force to be experienced) where they assist YOU to modify YOUR planning to include creative and critical thinking.

Victoria and Megan at Springfield Convent School: “A fabulous constructive morning that facilitated a collaboration of previous planning and original and practical ideas. We focused on development of skills and independent thinking rather than acquiring knowledge through parrot learning or passive acquisition. We can’t wait for the same experience next term!”

The two-hour sessions include:

  • Re-thinking your personal term planner
  • How to seamlessly blend creativity and CAPS requirements.
  • Introduction to some of the CPS (Creative Problem-Solving) tools.
  • Using Thinking Maps for creative and critical thinking.
  • Promoting debate as a formal critical thinking tool.