ErlyBirds facilitates Professional Learning Communities (PLCs/ teacher-teams) to look at existing curriculum-planning with a fresh perspective in order to purposely incorporate creative and critical thinking activities and assessments into current planning, to better incorporate 21st Century thinking skills.

A collaborative debate with all stakeholders involved in teaching ONE SUBJECT is arranged e.g ‘The Sciences’ from Gr4 to Gr7, Social Studies (history & geography) and Natural Science (science and biology). Teachers collaborate as a school-team to create a personalised curriculum that embraces creative problem-solving tools to specifically include teaching for practical and creative intelligence, an essential prerequisite of CAPS.

Level one, THE BIG PICTURE workshops are followed by grade and subject-specific curriculum planning, e.g. developing a tailor-made Gr.7 term one, history plan, incorporating creative and critical skills to stimulate creative and practical intelligence in all pupils. See LEVEL 2 IN THE CLASSROOM.

Taming the English Curriculum

ErlyBirds empower teachers to fully grasp the essential requirements of the InterSen Phase ENGLISH CURRICULUM, to better suit the unique needs of their school.

Maak Afrikaans Mak

ErlyBirds help onnies om die Afrikaanse-kurrikulum vas te raak en meer innemende lesse aan die kinders to lewer.

Sternberg your Sciences

Teachers of the same grade or subject (History, Geography and NST) meeting the requirements of the curriculum while still creating time for Sternberg’s analytical, practical and creative skills development.

Master Mathematical and Logical Reasoning

ErlyBirds collaborates with teachers to develop mathematical and logical reasoning within every child.

Life Orientation in the GET

Integrating the imaginative and innovative CPS process into the curriculum content, so that learners are engaged in a practical manner whilst developing real-world problem-solving tools.