Maximising Creativity is a deep-dive into creative and critical thinking. This four-part Professional Learning Community (PLC) engages teachers in Creative Problem Solving (CPS) techniques to strengthen their professional commitment towards creative and critical thinking. It introduces eight new Creative Problem-Solving tools and provides support facilitating teachers to incorporate the new tools into their classroom teaching. ErlyBirds have included two small “new-knowledge” sections and two CPS tools in each of the four, 120-minute sessions. A teacher’s workbook is provided to support the new tools being utilised in lessons.

These workshops focus on active participation, where teachers collaborate on lesson-ideas incorporating the newly acquired CPS tools. The PLC focus allows for intrinsic learning and reflection on each teacher’s pedagogy. CPS aims for a diversity of teaching styles – considering creative and practical learning preferences.
If pupils are required “to be able to use critical and creative thinking” as prescribed by the curriculum (DBE, 2012:4), it implies that teachers are expected to specifically teach these skills to the pupils.

Damian (Grade 2) explains how he has used BARR to modify his ostrich.

What to expect in each of the four Maximising Creativity Workshops – each workshop awards 15 CPTD points


Theory: Rethinking Intelligence & The Elements of Creativity

CPS Tools: Stick ’em Up Brainstorming & Brainwriting


Theory: Multiple Intelligences & Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory

CPS Tools: Attribute Listing & SCAMPER


Theory: The Creative Classroom

CPS Tools: Word Dance & Visual Connections


Theory: Empowering Teachers

CPS Tools: Forced Fittings & Matrixes

ErlyBirds is SACE accredited (SACE Provider No. PR13410) and all workshops offer 15 points.