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  • AssessmentCurriculum Planning

    Thinking Maps in Action

    Professional Learning Development engaging participants in practically applying four of David Hyerle’s Thinking Maps to everyday classroom tasks, with an emphasis on improving the writing process.

  • CAPS curriculumCreative Problem-Solving

    Purposely Teaching HOTS

    ErlyBirds are regularly asked how to stimulate gifted and talented children in our schools.  ErlyBirds discuss manageable options available to classroom teachers and aims to introduce the concepts of critical and creative thinking as required byCAPS to teachers.

  • CAPS curriculumCurriculum Planning

    Differentiated Teaching and Learning

    The workshop focuses on active participation, where teachers collaborate on lesson-ideas for utilising their new insights into differentiated teaching and learning. The PLC focus allows for intrinsic learning and reflection on the teacher’s own pedagogy. New skills and knowledge are applied by the participants in a supportive environment.

    This workshop is accredited through SACE and earns 15 CPTD points.