Taming the English Curriculum


Plan an English Home Language overview for your InterSen Phase.


ErlyBirds spend time demystifying the curriculum empowering Language Teachers to better understand the CAPS requirements. Teachers are then able to select an age- and context-appropriate approach to Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing and Language Conventions to best meet the needs of their pupils. As a school, one can plan a new, fresh, inspired school-overview to encompass all the requirements of the curriculum over the InterSen Phase without repeating the same content or covering too much at a superficial level.

ErlyBirds have created hands-on tools that teachers might use to realise links, themes, patterns and similarities in the curriculum content throughout the grades and subject areas. Vital creative and critical thinking tools, like brainstorming and attribute listing, can be introduced as well as suggestions for integration with other subjects to provide authentic language experiences. Incorporating problem-solving, collaborative work where pupils communicate effectively to critically evaluate information provides repeated opportunities to develop skills necessary for a successful future.


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