ErlyBirds are inspired to implement the South African curriculum in its fullness, infusing creative and critical thinking skills into the prescribed content. We invite teachers to take responsibility for providing meaningful 21-century education in the classroom while still fulfilling the CAPS Ammended Assessment requirements. ErlyBirds utilizes their years of teaching experience and research, imbedded with current theories of intelligence, using new tools, to transform your school and classroom. We are motivated to shift teacher’s habitus from traditional teaching pedagogy to one where teachers are facilitators and pupils are actively involved in their own learning. Creative and critical thinking ignites learners’ curiosity, encouraging open debate and discussion, allowing for creative, divergent idea-finding and critical, convergent fact-finding.

A second aspect of the STERNBERG YOUR SCIENCES is to integrate all subjects within ONE GRADE into themes that make for connected, meaningful learning. For example: Combining the Social Science theme of Slavery into the Language planning, allows time for creative brainstorming and divergent tools that expand the children’s creative and critical thinking abilities. This facilitates authentic, intrinsic, meaningful learning. While this disrupts one’s old planning it is necessary for 21st-century learning to happen. “Change is difficult, but not to change is fatal” (2018, Coulter).

We recommend that this workshop is followed by Grade and subject-specific curriculum planning to develop a tailor-made, detailed plan for each grade and subject. For example: Gr4: Term 1: History – embedded with creative and practical intelligences to develop creative and critical skills in all pupils. See LEVEL 2: IN THE CLASSROOM

We can’t wait to help you create a curriculum that inspires both you and your pupils!