‘Thinking Maps in Action’ is a workshop that engages participants in practically applying four of David Hyerle’s Thinking Maps to the writing process in classroom tasks. This workshop strives to shift teachers’ current pedagogical practice through intrinsic learning and reflection in a collaborative environment. The workshop focuses on active participation while supporting the CAPS curriculum, by offering knowledge and tools to grow critical thinking in everyday classrooms.

Thinking Maps is a common visual language for learning refined by Dr David Hyerle, which offers “a set of eight graphic organisers that combine to form a powerful tool for learning. Each map relates to a single thinking process: defining, describing, comparing or contrasting, sequencing, deconstructing, categorising, identifying cause and effect, and establishing relationships between things. Thinking Maps mediate students’ thinking, learning, and metacognitive behaviours” (Hyerle,2004).

ErlyBirds is SACE approved (SACE Provider No. PR13410) and all workshops offer 15 points.